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Project SAFE
(Safety and Accessibility for Everyone)

What is Project SAFE?
The Project SAFE Network is a statewide, multidisciplinary collaboration dedicated to raising awareness, improving accessibility, and training to service providers and criminal justice professionals about sexual assault and domestic violence against individuals with disabilities.

Advocating to end abuse and violence against individuals with disabilities.

Vision Statement
Project SAFE works together toward one common vision: Safety and Accessibility for Everyone.

To build capacity for sustainable, victim-centered systems and collaborations
To increase knowledge and skills regarding abuse and violence against individuals with disabilities through education, training and information sharing, and
To develop accessible, safe and welcoming environments.

Why is Project SAFE needed?
In Kentucky, over 874,000 people have a disability of some kind.
Risk of abuse is 2-5 times higher than people without disabilities.
Children with disabilities are 4 times more likely to experience violence than children without disabilities.
Women with disabilities are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than women without disabilities.
55% of men with disabilities report experiencing physical abuse.
83% of women and 32% of men with intellectual disabilities report sexual abuse.
68%-83% of women with developmental disabilities will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.
Overall: 90% are sexually abused in their lifetime. Only 3% will report it.

What does Project SAFE do to help?
Members can provide disability-related training and resource referrals throughout Kentucky pertaining to:
Domestic and Sexual Violence
Intervention and Prevention
Safety Planning
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
Collaboration Building

Project SAFE Resource Guide

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To request assistance or to join the Project SAFE Network
Contact the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities at 877-367-5332 (toll-free) or the
Kentucky Office of the ADA Coordinator at (877) 423-2933 (toll-free).