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Epilepsy Case Study

Bart is a second year nursing student at a Regional Technical Center. He has epilepsy and has Type II seizures approximately once a month. During high school, Bart typically had seizures during exam times. He is usually able to tell when a seizure is about to occur and knows how to protect himself from serious injury. Bart is currently trying a new medication to control the seizures.

Necessary Accommodations:

  • Avoid classrooms with flickering lights.
  • Provide low-stimuli test environments.
  • Bart should be seated away from tables and furniture with sharp edges.
  • During a seizure, try to protect Bart from injury as much as possible (e.g., move furniture out of reach).


  • Keep crowds away during a seizure.
  • Do not interfere during a seizure - particularly, DO NOT place anything in Bartís mouth during a seizure.
  • Use person-first language (i.e., Bart is "a person with epilepsy" NOT "an epileptic").


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