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Deafness/Hearing Impaired Case Study

Robert is a first-year technical college student who is deaf. He lip reads but uses American Sign Language as his primary form of communication. He does not use oral speech. At home, Robert has a computer with teletext phone.

Necessary Accommodations:

  • **Ask Robert what accommodations he needs.***
  • Provide a qualified ASL interpreter.
  • Provide a note-taker.
  • Allow Robert to see your face as much as possible.
  • Allow Robert to sit close to the speaker.
  • Use the blackboard or overheads as much as possible.
  • Avoid using classrooms with poor lighting.
  • Avoid using classrooms with loud background noises (e.g., street sounds).
  • Ask the speaker to moderate the pace of his/her speech (i.e., donít talk too fast).
  • Specifically indicate the change of topics during a presentation.
  • In group discussions, use a semi-circle arrangement so Robert will be able to see everyoneís face.
  • Provide Robert with a copy of the instructorís notes at the beginning of each class.


  • Do not assume that Robert can follow the lecture by lip-reading.
  • Speak to Robert, not to his interpreter.
  • Do not shout.
  • Donít be reluctant to ask Ralph to repeat himself.



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