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Blindness / Visual Impairment Case Study


Leslie is a first-year, nontraditional community college student. Leslie is legally blind, having only one eye with limited sight due to a congenital birth defect. She wears glasses that allow her to see large objects. Leslie has two small children and is dependent on others for transportation.

Necessary Accommodations:

  • Allow Leslie to sit in the front of the class.
  • Allow Leslie to record the lectures with a tape recorder.
  • Allow Leslie to use a laptop computer to take tests and quizzes.
  • Provide materials in large print format or braille as required.
  • Provide oral testing or taped testing.
  • Do not rearrange the classroom without warning Leslie of the change.
  • Allow Leslie to bring a guide dog to class, and avoid distracting the dog while it is working.


  • When addressing Leslie, use her name so she knows you are speaking to her.
  • Donít be afraid to use words such as "see" or "look at".
  • Offer assistance, but let Leslie tell you what she needs.
  • Let Leslie know when you are entering or leaving the room.

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